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Change the look of your vehicle with the benefits of reducing the amount of heat from the sun that reaches the interior of the vehicle. Also protect the interior of the vehicle! We offer Stek & Suntek films.

Reduce Glare & UV Rays 

Protect Vehicle Interior 

Stay Cooler

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Window tint significantly reduces glare in your car, so the sun won't block your view while you're driving and cause an accident. 

Window Tint blocks up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays for added protection while you drive. Most people overlook the fact that your skin can suffer sun damage from the inside of your car.

Window tints allow you to look out while making it harder for others to see in. And that makes it more difficult for anyone to see valuables left inside your car. Window film blocks harsh sunshine that can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl.

By blocking out UV rays, window tints can make the inside of a vehicle significantly cooler and more comfortable, particularly during hot summer months. Depending on the percentage, window film can block anywhere from 35-65% of the solar heat that builds up in your vehicle. 


Ceramic Tint

Ceramic window tint film is the most popular and costs the most of the 3 options, but it provides the highest heat rejection and clarity.

Cearmic film blocks more than 99 percent of UV rays. Since they contain no dyes or metal particles, ceramic products will not fade over time or interfere with radio signals.

The ceramic particles do not conduct heat, so they offer the same level of sunlight reflection but with increased insulation. This means it is the most effective tint at keeping out heat from the sun, reducing its impact on the car’s internal temperature by about half.

Carbon Tint

Carbon window tints are made up of carbon fiber particles that will not fade over time. They are more effective than dyed or metallic tints at blocking the sun’s rays. Ceramic tint has a matte finish, which a lot of people prefer for aesthetic reasons.

Carbon tint also has very strong insulating features. It reduces heat from the sun that raises the vehicle’s internal temperature by about 40 percent.

This is your middle ground when it comes to tint, its durability and long life expectancy can offset the extra money you will pay.

Hybrid Tint 

Hybrid tinting film aims to combine the best features of dyed window film and metalized window film, leaving all of the drawbacks behind, The layer of dye will help give it the dark look that the dye film can provide and the metalized layer will still offer some, though not all, of the UV protection of a standard metalized film. It will be more durable than dyed window film, but less metal is used in its manufacturing, so it will not cause as many interference issues with your electronics as a standard metalized film would.

Hybrid film is the most cost effective of the 3 options, but still providing a quality look and protection.

Light Protection Film

Our Light Protection Film (LPF) is a Paint Protection Film (PPF) application designed to protect automotive lights and enhance their aesthetics. Offered in four tones DYNOshade, DYNOsmoke, DYNOshadow and DYNOyellow adds protection with a unique look to your headlights, fog lights, and taillights alike. Carrying over our DYNO top-coat technology every driver deserves, daily road hazards such as rock cracks, acid stains from insects and bird droppings, fading from pollution, and hazing from surface scratches are things of the past. Backed with a 7-year warranty.


DYNOyellow is a classic yellow film. Inspired by race cultures across the globe, give your car or truck a track and off-road personality with worthy protection. 




DYNOsmoke is the darkest option for those pursuing a stealthy look. Perfect for toning down chrome housing or adding a touch of unique to your headlights, taillights and turn signals.   


DYNOshade gives you a beautifully shaded light making a subtle difference that protects and enhances both lenses and housing.


DYNOshadow offers you a medium darkness with a beautiful charcoal color tone. Perfect for those wanting a sleek and mature look not quite as dark as DYNOsmoke.

Light Protection Film Specifications


  • 4 Colors: DYNOshade (45% transmittance), DYNOshadow (34% transmittance), DYNOsmoke (30% transmittance), and DYNOyellow

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Hydrophobic (advanced water repelling properties)

  • Anti-Contamination (stain resistant)

  • Fast Recovery Self - Healing (by heat or hot water) 


7 Year Warranty:

STEK Light Protection Film (LPF) has a 7-year warranty against delaminating, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

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